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Just In!

Just In!

  • Cassette Tape Soap 80's RUB-A-DUB Mixtape! Natural 4oz

    Throwback Tape Soap By Austin Silly Soap Co.

    Exotic Fruit Smoothie Scent with a touch of lemongrass essential oil. Natural ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil make this totally radical, totally tubular soap totally awesome. Kids of the 1980's cant help but love the coolest new soap by Austin Silly Soap Co. It comes in 3 different styles, be sure to collect all three!


    Green Coffee Bean Cellulite Cream

    Reduces the appearence of cellulite dimpling with tested and approved ingredients: Green Coffee Bean Extract Squalene Vitamins A,C, & E L-Carnitine Roasted Coffee Oils Shea Butter  

  • Repair from naturaesthetics

    Lightweight Botanical Moisturizer

    Repair is naturally rich in vitamins A, C, and E, Omega 3 fatty acids,
    trans-retinoic acid (Retinol) Alpha Linolenic acid, & flavonoids, plant-based
    anti-oxidants that provide free-radical protection. Our powerful essential oil
    blends anti-fungal, viral, genotoxic, & inflammatory properties, combined
    with it's large supply of calendula, chamomile & aloe extracts, make Repair
    truely remarkable at rapidly reducing inflammation, controlling bleeding, 
    and soothing irritated tissue.

  • RECHARGE Green Coffee Bean Eye Serum 1.7oz

    100% Natural

    Retinol, squalane, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, & caffiene target wrinkles, sagging and discoloration. Studies have shown the caffeine found in green coffee beans helps neutralize free radical damage - the process that breaks down collagen and elastin, causing premature aging. Green coffee oil has also been shown to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers. this serum is a natural source of vitamins e, c, & a (retinol), as well as squalene & essential fatty acids, making it a regenerative defense for fine lines & discoloration. USE: APPLY TO THE ENTIRE ORBITAL EYE AREA EVERY EVENING, POST-CLEANSE.


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Where the Magic Happens!

2318 Santa Rosa St
  • Austin Silly Soap @ Barton Springs Thom’s Market

    Thom's Storefront



    Located at 1418 Barton Springs Road just off South Lamar, Thom’s Market has everything one would expect to find at a quaint neighborhood market, it’s what you don’t expect to find that makes Thom’s Market unique. Austin Silly Soap Co. is proud to add Thom’s Market to our ever growing list of fine Texas retailers.

    You can find six styles of our handmade soap bars at Thom’s Market:

    Tickled Pink Grapefruit and Lily Soap

    80′s Retro Cassette Tape Exotic Fruit Smoothie Soap

    Calm Down Lavender and Black Amber Soap

    Cooling Ice Block Peppermint Soap

    Clearly Critterful White Tea and Ginger Soap

    Goat’s Milk and Oatmeal Exfoliating Soap With Sock Monkeys and Mustaches

    Check out Thom’s Market online at and stop by 1418 Barton Springs Road for some handmade soap bars from Austin Silly Soap Co.






    Buy NOW, Pay LATER!

  • Essential Oil-Lavender Varieties & Species

    About Lavender Essential Oil

    Lavender Essential Oil, well known for its soothing and calming effects, is obtained by the distillation of either the flowers or spikes of the lavender herb. There are over 20 species of lavender, and of those species there are different hybrids beyond. Most lavender is cultivated in southern Europe, throughout the Asian continent, Africa and Australia, but it can be grown in other areas of the world as well. Bulgaria has taken the top spot in the Lavender Production category for the last few years. Here at the Austin Silly Soap Co. Secret Headquarters in Austin, Texas we’ve got a decent sized crops of two different species of Lavender. Our two types of lavender herbs look totally different and their color and fragrance vary slightly as well. I can’t decide which I like more! It seems that the rest of the world has chosen their top three Lavender species, judging by what is readily available on the market today: spike lavender, true lavender, and lavandin.


    (AKA ENGLISH LAVENDER) Is the herb responsible for Lavender Essential Oil. Lavender is one of the most well known and popular essential oils in todays market. It is used in many of todays popular products, like fabric softeners, room fresheners, and body sprays. Lavender essential oil is not as toxic to the skin as many other essential oils can be. Studies have shown irritation to the skin happening in a very small percentage of people, even though evidence that would point otherwise was previously found.


    soothing     calming     relaxing     normalizing      balancing     healing

    Natural Spike Lavender for Austin Silly Soap Co.



    • Pros:   (compared to True Lavender)
    • Larger, broader leaves.
    • Up to 3x the Essential Oil can be produced.
    • Cons:
    • Most consider the fragrance of Spike Lavender much less appealing- its aroma could be compared to a Lavender & Eucalyptus blend- much more green and camphorous.


    Lavandin, A.K.A. Dutch Lavender, is the wonder child of True Lavender and Spike Lavender. This hybrid has the fragrance of both…a little of the floral True Lavender scent crossed with the camphorous Spike Lavender. The two scents marry to create a woody, green, slightly spicy fragrance that is perfect for balancing, clarifying and purifying uses. Lavandin should not be used in place of True Lavender when it comes to aromatherapy.

    • PROS: (compared to True Lavender)
    • Produces much more essential oil.
    • Larger, brighter, pointy floral display.
    • CONS: (compared to True Lavender)
    • More camphorous scent.
    • Fragrance is stronger, yet fades quickly.

    Read more

  • Free Shipping and Sugar Creme!

    *Free limited edition body polish*


    When you purchase REPLENISH Hydrating B5 Gel OR RECOVER Clarifying Masque. Our delectable SUGAR CREME Body Polish has natural glycolic acid to help buff away your dull winter skin without leaving an oily residue, and it smells good enough to eat! SUGAR CREME is available EXCLUSIVELY through this offer, so take this opportunity to get your limited edition free gift PLUS free shipping. Use code SHIPnSUGAR at checkout.


    austin-lamar-landmark-store-630Austin Silly Soap Co. is very pleased to announce that Whole Foods Market now sells our soap at the flagship location at 6th and Lamar in Austin, Texas. As a small local business we couldn’t be more thrilled to be given this wonderful opportunity to reach a larger audience with our products and be affiliated with such an iconic purveyor of natural products. Stop by Whole Foods Market at 6th and Lamar to see, and smell all our new soaps and all your old favorites, and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, you know Austin Silly Soap Co. has something special waiting for your sweetheart at Whole Foods Market! Just ask your friendly Whole Foods team member to show you the Austin Silly Soap Co. soaps.

  • Replenish Hydrating b5 Gel

    Hydrating B5 Gel

    Oil-free with an organic aloe preservative!


    try REPLENISH, a hydrating b5 gel, for the latest and greatest in oil-free moisturization. And UNLIKE those other brands, you won’t see water as the main ingredient, you will see aloe juice. Enriched with pro-vitamin b5 to help get your skin back to where you want it.

    Check it out HERE

  • Johnson Sullivan Apothecary

    Austin Silly Soap Co.’s NEW Apothecary Line Launch!

    Austin Silly Soap Co. ain’t just silly these days! We proudly launched our new Apothecary line today, called “Johnson Sullivan Apothecary”..

    The focus of Johnson Sullivan Apothecary is on simple, 100% Natural and Organic health and beauty goods. Most of our line will be 100% natural, and all of it will be paraben and animal test free. We will include several vegan beauty products, and we hope to package every item in a unique way that will encourage the reuse or recycling of the bottles, tins, baskets ect. after the consumer has enjoyed our product.

    100% Natural & 100% Beautiful!

    Each item in the Johnson Sullivan Apothecary line is beautifully handcrafted and it shows. The apothecary line is perfect whether you are shopping for a special gift or treating yourself this time around. Either way, please take a moment to check out all of the bath soaks, body butters, facial masques and more that we have worked so hard on. The best part about these products – behind all the frills, they REALLY WORK. Thank you for being a fan of Austin Silly Soap Co. – Please enjoy 30% off everything in our new line for the rest of Spring!

Huge 30% OFF Apothecary Sale!

  • Cassette Tape Soap 80′s RUB-A-DUB Mixtape! Natural 4oz

    Cassette Tape Soap 80′s RUB-A-DUB Mixtape! Natural 4oz





  • Repair from naturaesthetics

    Repair from naturaesthetics


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    RECHARGE Green Coffee Bean Eye Serum 1.7oz


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